Dr. Michael Bruse

Director Innovations and Products with ENVI-MET, Dr. Bruse is main designer of the ENVI-met Software since 1993 and full professor for Geography at the University of Mainz.
Michael Bruse contributes over 20 years of executive level experience in simulating outdoor microclimates. He is co-founder, Partner and Director Innovations and Products of ENVI-MET and in this position oversees the technical output of the company whilst also taking creative lead.
He incorporates innovative simulation solutions into projects, creating the best solutions for innovative architectural designs and landscape visions.
Since 2007, he has also been a Partner at Werner Sobek, GreenTechnologies realising major lead projects in sustainable design worldwide.


  • Dubai Crystal: Microclimate simulations
  • Heart of Europe: Microclimate simulations
  • West Kowloon Cultural District: Thermal comfort of outdoor spaces
  • Sydney CBD: Microclimate and thermal comfort assessment