Post- conference reflections and thank-you

Written by Dusty Gedge Published in Post Conference Outputs

The EUGIC team would like to thank everyone who participated in the 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference last week in Vienna. The conference far exceeded our expectations, especially in the positive responses we received from so many of you in our informal conversations over the two days.

Participants at EUGIC urge to interact


We have also added the conference brochure to the website, along with all the presentations and science corner papers, so that they can be reviewed and reflected on. Reflection is a key point here. A conference is only as good as the action it helps to instigate and I will be contacting some of you directly to ask for your refections on your time at the event in Vienna. I hope to get as many voices from across all the countries that attended the event in both English and your native languages to share with others.


Your conference experiences will compliment the outputs from the conference we have gathered. These will be posted regularly on the website and our EUGIC facebook page for yours and hopefully others perusal. These will include the world cafe and storytelling that were thoroughly documented during the event. We will also endeavour to make a series of videos from the 150GB of footage that was recorded during the event. We hope to have the first one ready in the New Year.

We want to ensure that EUGIC lives beyond the two days in Vienna. This we hope communicates the call for action for Urban Green Infrastructure in European cities and beyond our continent.

John Little from UK speaking

Ferdinand Ludwig of Baubotanik engaging with the EUGIC Audience


My first personal reflection from the conference is how we need to work with the grey infrastructure lobby to help these industries go through the transition. This was the main a key message that came out of Sandra Naumann’s workshop and I had a number of interesting conversations with representatives of such industries during the conference. They know that the world needs to change and we need to travel the journey together and not in opposition.

Finally I would like to thank you all – speakers, storytellers and participants for ensuring that the 1st EUGIC event was a great success. And of course we must thank the City of Vienna for being such great hosts and providing us with such an exquisite venue.

Dusty Gedge