Session Chair:
Helge Simon, ENVI-met, Germany

Decision making through the benefits of Green Infrastructure in the Czech Republic
Maria Kazmukova, Prague Institute of Planning & Development Czech Republic

Urban greening evaluation toolkit for healthy cities planning
Dr. Yangang Xing, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University UK

A public geoinformatic system for Vienna´s existing and potential urban Green Infrastructure
Klaus Kramer,  Geodata Team, Municipal Department 22, City of Vienna AT

Capitalizing Green Infrastructure in real estate values in Vienna: GI-Index and economic benefits as new planning instrumen
Dr. Ulrich Morawetz, Department of Economics & Social Sciences, BOKU Vienna, Austria

Matripolis: the infrastructure of libertarian municipalism, separating living space from machine technology
David Dobereiner, Department of Architecture, Northumbria University, United Kingdom