At an event, the cuisine is one of the things guests really remember, so we set out to meet all the criteria of an eco-event, not only celebrating green roofs, walls and biodiversity, but also high-quality local, seasonal and consciously selected home-produced products.

The foods used for this purpose meet EU and non-EU organic quality standards. Even the meat is subject to stringent quality requirements and is controlled, from feeding to slaughter. Fish are from organic fish farming, local fish or certified MSC fish.

We insist on reusable crockery and glassware.

To meet these criteria, we have partnered with certified services.

We also place great importance on our guests and conference participants arriving carefree and with ease by public transport.

A detailed overview can be found here.

Bicycle parking is available in front of the Town Hall.

Waste management and resource conservation is also an important objective of the conference organizers, so we only use reusable bottles, glasses and dishes, not disposable utensils.

Energy consumption during the entire event will be reduced to a minimum.